Lost Constellations are constellations that fell down from the dark blue vault of the sky, shaken free by the meteor that hit Oria. They became large, oddly-colored versions of the animal they were, and made a deal with the universe. Both said if the challenger won in a battle they would return to the skies; but each one had a different policy if they won: The Snake would devour the challenger, whereas the Kangaroo would kick them into orbit. Each one is triggered by looking up into the empty sky above and pressing A, so players might come into these areas without ever knowing these two were there.

First ConstellationEdit

Lost Constellation 1- The Snake
The first constellation is the Snake. He is found on the top of Ghiria's volcano. To defeat him, you fight him like Dirge in Shadow of the Colossus: Switch to Ruby and run for your life. Before he leaps up to take a bite of you, he shows his eyes. Hit them with a ranged attack and he will stop, stunned. Then start slashing away at his side. Repeat until he gives up. He will then slither back into the stars, and his stars will start twinkling once more.

Second ConstellationEdit

Lost Constellation 2- The Kangaroo
The second constellation is the Kangaroo. He is found in a sort of arena on Volcania. He is weaker than the snake attack-wise, and you fight him Punch-Out style- attacking when he is about to attack and dodging when he does, then attacking. Continue dodging and attacking until he goes down. He will then get up and take one leap back into the sky. Then his stars will glow once again.


Okami's "Battle of Ninetails" plays fighting both Lost Constellations. Listen:

Okami Music - Battle of Ninetails03:25

Okami Music - Battle of Ninetails

In the areas that they're fought, Okami's "Silence of Stones" plays. Listen:

Okami Music - Silence of Stones01:49

Okami Music - Silence of Stones

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