Dragonhunter is one of the villains of Crossover X. With three forms, all differing greatly from one another, he is encountered three times total, of course, with progress and a boss between each form. Usually the bosses before each form are somewhat easy. Celosia is an exception.

Form 1Edit

Form 1 is the only form to mainly use a weapon, his lightsaber. The others use mainly whatever was built into them, such as claws, but occasionally pull out the old lightsaber for a special attack. Dragonhunter's first form is fairly easy if you know how to dodge his attacks. Once you deal enough damage to him, he'll get angry and put out the light, making it nearly impossible to know what you're doing. Still, you can't lose track of Dragonhunter because of his lightsaber and glowing yellow eyes. You can't really call his name ironic yet, even though he is part dragon part tiger. You can hit him when he is tired, as he can't dodge.

Form 2Edit

Form 2 is fought in a big arena with fans cheering you on. This time his attacks are stronger, and his weak spot is on his back. When he swings his head down to bite you (which is a OHKO if you get hit), you dodge to the side and quickly grab his horn. Then once you can reach his back, let go and start attacking the spot on his back that starts glowing red. This bossfight is similar to Colossus battles from Shadow of the Colossus in that the glowing red area on his back has the same idea as Major Sigils on Colossi, plus you only have a limited time frame to grab his horn and hop on. He will not try to shake you off until you attack, as he is confused, wondering where you went. Thankfully the scales on his back can be grabbed so you can continue attacking. Now his name is ironic bacuse he is 100% dragon now.

True Dragonhunter (Final Form)Edit

The next time you encounter Dragonhunter, he is a huge, blue snake beast. A lot of his attacks can significantly lower your health, although none are OHKOs unless you are playing on Hard Mode. This battle is very long because first you must dodge his horn jabs and claw attacks. He will then roar. Use this chance to dive into his mouth. Then go down the tunnel and your character will start flying. Once you reach the heart, attack it until some of the armor around it breaks. Your character will then automatically go down a nearby tunnel. Repeat until his heart collapses. Your character will then automatically fly out and Dragonhunter will make a wheezing noise for a few seconds before he falls to Earth. Once that is over, unless you cleared it 100%, the credits will roll.



Form 1Edit

No More Heroes's "We Are Finally Cowboys" plays fighting form 1. Listen:

We Are Finally Cowboys05:23

We Are Finally Cowboys

Form 2Edit

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door's "Rawk Hawk Battle" plays while fighting form 2. Listen:

Paper Mario 2 Music Rawk Hawk Battle03:18

Paper Mario 2 Music Rawk Hawk Battle

Form 3Edit

Kirby 64's "Zero Two Battle" plays fighting Form 3. Listen:

Kirby 64 Zero-Two02:36

Kirby 64 Zero-Two

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